On Tuesday night I went to a screening of the new documentary film FRESH at Lincoln Center. This short flick is all about the sustainability of our food system and what we can do to become part of the movement. The film was directed by Ana Sofia Joanes and had onscreen interviews with the one and only Michael Pollan (The Omnivores Dilemma, In Defense of Food) and the feisty sustainable farmer Joel Salatin, whose southern perkiness brings in some welcomed humor. FRESH is to the point, educational and enlightening.  I have seen and read some horrifying descriptions of the food industry, which thankfully FRESH spares from our eyes. This movie exposes us to the negative impact the over-productive food industry has on our environment and its future, while allowing us to see the possibility of change. I highly recommend this film for anyone, especially those that are interested in eating foods that better support our bodies and the environment. Sadly, I had to opt out of the wine and cheese reception afterward to make my train. But on my way out I was able to grab a copy of the book Clean Plates N.Y.C!!

All I have to say is that it is ABOUT TIME!! Finally, there is a restaurant guide out there to direct us healthy eaters to those healthy spots that are often hidden among NYC's thousands of restaurants!  The first half of the book is chock-full of healthy dining tips to use at home or while you are out. The second half of the book is the restaurant review section, which is done in a style very similar to what you would expect from the Zagat Guide only with a bit more detail, thank you. What I love most about Clean Plates obviously besides the content, is its compact size. It travels nicely which I can attest to as it has been in my purse all week!  If I can persuade my boyfriend, tonight we'll be dining at a certain spot I read about in the book.  Wish me luck!

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Welcome!! Please excuse my post title, but I couldn't resist a throwback to the all time favorite duo Salt n’ Pepper.  This is my first post on my first blog and I consider it a test.  My name is Christine and I'm a 29-year-old, soon to be 30, living the healthy life in NYC.  I am a health foodie (no doubt) and a former gym junkie. I've dabbled in a little veganism and vegetarianism, but ultimately I will still eat a piece of meat here and there.  I am also known to devour any written word relating to health and nutrition and luckily my loved ones are willing to feed my addiction and scour the newspapers and Internet in search of any food related news.

A little over 2 years ago when I caught myself dishing out health advice to men I had only just met I realized that I needed to do something about my obsession, er passion. In addition to creating this lovely hot mama health blog, I decided last summer to enroll in the School of Integrative Nutrition. I graduate in July, but I am already certified as a health coach and have begun to see clients. My clients are young women looking to better their health in a variety of different ways, ranging from weight loss to body confidence.

hot mama health arose as a challenge to myself in continuing to be healthy but also to hopefully inspire and challenge you! I can't wait to share with you what I know, what I learn and everything that comes in between!   Achieving health may seem like an arduous task, but I think it is an adventure, a long and fun adventure! The road can be difficult and challenging at times but it is no doubt a rewarding one. Here's to the healthy adventures that lie ahead.

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Welcome! My name is Christine and I have landed here to share my love of healthy living and eating. I live in NYC where I am currently enrolled in the School of Integrative Nutrition. I am already certified as a holistic health coach and I have started seeing clients to help them reach their wellness goals. I started hot mama health to share the idea that it is fun to be healthy! Health is an adventure with endless foods to taste, exercises to explore, and challenges to meet! If you do not already feel this way, I hope that I can bring you into the light or at least stir a little inspiration here and there.
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