Vegetable Mash and Pretty Hearts

Hellooooo! It has been way too long since I last posted anything, so I wanted to share my dish from last night. But before I do, let me explain why I have been so absent -- my sister got engaged last weekend :) So last week was one of happy distractions and wedding talk. Now, things for me are fluttering back down to reality (not so much for my sister) and the kitchen has returned as my weeknight sanctuary.

So onto last night's "kitchen creation," a combination of the vegetables that I was craving.  It was less of a combination and more of a mash...a vegetable mash if you will, of cauliflower, parsnips and sweet potatoes!   It actually was quite tasty and mucho healthy!

This dish comes packed with beta carotein and vitamin C (both potent antioxidants), vitamin K, folate, fiber, B vitamins (thanks to the parsnips) and an abundance of minerals.

Here's how to make the dish, but it is better (and more fun) to experiment with the vegetables that you like the most or happen to be craving at the moment.

-Half a bundle of cauliflower, cut from the main stalk.
-1 large parsnip, peeled and cut down into large pieces
-2 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled and cut down into large pieces
-TBSP of thyme
-Parsely, finely chopped (abt 2 tablespoons)

Place the above veggies into a large pot and let the water come to a boil.  Leave veggies in the boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes - OR - until they are soft.  Pull a parsnip or sweet potato out and stick with a fork to test the tenderness.

Meanwhile, while the veggies are boiling, toss the thyme and parsely in a pan w/ canola oil.  Let this lightly saute for 5 -10 minutes.  Once the veggies and saute is done, drain the veggies, and run cold water over the top to stop the cooking.  Mash the veggies together with a masher!  Add the sauteed thyme/parsely and some salt and pepper to taste.  Mix together and eat it up.  This makes enough to last for 3 meals.

Ohhhh! And I know it has been some time since Valentine's Day, BUT.....check out this adorable beet salad from our V-Day dinner.  The restaurant, Harvest, in Cambridge, Massachusetts used a heart-sharped cookie cutter to cut the beets!  Sooo creative and a great way to have fun with your food!

Beet Salad w/ Blue Cheese Terrine


Natalie D said...

Those hearts are adorable! and the mash looks super yummy!

Katie ♥ said...

The veggie mash looks so good and how cute the hearts are! Love it!!

Congrats to your sis!!!


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