Nothing Like A Little Nutritional Yeast

I first heard of nutritional yeast when my friend Natalie mentioned it in a post on her blog, Lil Runner.   Curious, but not yet convinced, I heard it mentioned again two weeks ago during class at IIN . SOLD...Two reliable sources pushed me over the edge.  I hit the health food store running and bought myself a bottle of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified NOW Nutritional Yeast Powder. Always willing to test out a healthy food or food-like substance, I was in heaven with this new assignment. 

First off, many of you might be wondering what is nutritional yeast? If you are female, you might ask, will it cause excess yeast to grow in my body?  Gross... but, no, apparently it does not*.  Nutritional yeast is a supplement, that comes in the form of powder or flakes that can be added to foods to boost its nutritional content. Many vegans and strict vegetarians consume it for the protein and wide array of B vitamins, most importantly B-12.  It is also a good source of folic acid, so all you pregnant ladies, or soon to be pregnant ladies, might enjoy trying a tablespoon or two.  Beside the folate and B-12, nutritional yeast has a good amount of fiber and potassium PLUS it is gluten-free. I know, I just want to run out and get yourself some!! 

Let me tell you about the taste.  Yes...I'd love to hear from some of you on your thoughts regarding the taste of nutritional yeast.  Natalie told me that it is great sprinkled on popcorn because it adds a kind of a "powdered cheese-like" taste and feel.  This morning I sprinkled just a little bit into my scrambled eggs as they cooked.  And it totally enhanced the flavor to be richer and yes, almost a little cheese-like! In the reading I have done, I am learning that nutritional yeast mixes nicely in liquids, so it could be great added to a smoothie or salad dressing.  It can also be used to flavor grains like brown rice or quinoa. If you are a user, please do share some ideas on how and where to use this great stuff! 

Nutritional Facts NOW Nutrtional Yeast Powder
(based on serving size of "2 Heaping Tablespoons")

Calories: 60
Fat: 1g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Sodium: 5mg
Potassium: 320mg
Total Carb: 5g
Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 9g 

On another note, last week I received some Purely Elizabeth Apple Spice Muffin Mix thanks to last month's Super Breakfast Bowl Challenge. This is a new line of baking mixes that was founded by a fellow IIN'er, Elizabeth Stein.  The muffin mix is free of sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten.  In addition to the actual muffin mix, the recipe calls for applesauce, olive oil, maple syrup, an apple, water and some vanilla. 

I also received a wonderful Mighty Leaf stainless steal mug.  Hooray!! I promise to soon post the recipe for the Nutty Flax 'n Granola that luckily won me these fun prizes (oh, wait, you can find it in the Breakfast Bowl link above).  Anyway, I will be sure to let you know how the muffin mix works out once I give it a whirl! Night all. 

*Nutritional Yeast, based on the research that I have done, is considered safe for those following the Candida Diet. It is not active yeast and does not cause yeast infections/Candida albicans overgrowth.


Katie said...

Oh, man I eat some serious nutritional yeast. Check out my blog and you will see that I put it in everything! I like it in eggs. I make a basic cheese sauce with it, flour, and mustard. I love it on popcorn or steamed veggies. I put it on chilli, on sweet potatoes...yeah. I like it.

Katie ♥ said...

I love nutritional yeast a.k.a. Nooch!!!!!

I love putting it on my veggies and salads!!!! Yay that you got it!!!! Yum muffin mix! Cant wait to hear how it is!!!

Alyson @ Nourished Fitness said...

Love both these things! When I enrolled at IIN they sent us a mix from Purely Elizabeth (the founder graduated from IIN). I really liked it but found it strange that you added the 'apple' to the 'apple spice' mix :p

N.D. said...

that is so cool you won that contest! :) The recipe looks fantastic. So the best use of the yeast that I've found so far is hummus + a little water + nutritional yeast. It is delicious as a "cheese sauce" on pita pizza, mixed with macaroni for mac and cheese, or as a dip for veggies. I haven't used it for much else yet!

Thanks for posting :)

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Recently I hopped on board and bought some nutritional yeast. I was swooned by all the buzz. I like it. It is yummy sprinkled over soup and I sprinkle some on my Kale chips before baking.
Purely Elizabeth sounds like great stuff! xo

N.D. said...

for the blueberry oatmeal - all I do is melt a little bit of butter or coconut oil, add agave or brown sugar and cinnamon, ground flax, then add the oatmeal and put on top of blueberries and bake till bubbly!

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