A Sunday To Recover... & PB Winner!

Happy Sunday!  The weekend weather has been absolutely beautiful in NYC and those that were running in today's half marathon certainly lucked out weather-wise.   I wish I had known about it because a half marathon is something I would enjoy and survive (I am not so sure I feel the same about a full on marathon).  And timing worked its magic because instead of running the marathon, there was brunch to be had at the Atlantic Grill.  Eggs Benedict to be exact.  Breakfast was enjoyed with my sister, her fiance and Jimmy.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our brunch as we were recovering from last night's 3-bottle-of-wine-dinner celebrating my sister's engagement. 

Last night was a night to forget about fat, carbs and calories and a night to enjoy some of the best food in the city.  We received the royal treatment at Eleven Madison Park and I have to say that there is no better restaurant in NYC when it comes to food, service and overall experience. Jimmy certainly thinks so, and he has written a review on his blog, Golden Eats. Truffles, lobster, prawns, pork, chicken, amuse-bouches, butter from France, macaroons, complimentary cognac...these are just some of the foods we enjoyed.   It was a perfect night with perfect flavors and perfect company.   So today is a day to recover and of course, a day to plan for a week of healthy eating! 

I'd like to pose a question... Are there moments or occasions in your life when you let go of your healthy ideals?  And then afterwards, what do you do to get back on the healthy track?

For me, there is nothing like the power of a green drink to get back on the healthy bandwagon.  It revitalizes the system and shoots it with much needed nutrients, especially folic acid.    Candle Cafe has a fantastic Green Goddess drink with mixed greens, apple, lemon and ginger.  Today it is calling my name....

And with that, I want to announce the winner of the Peanut Butter and Co. Give Away! Congratulations to Naomi of One Fit Foodie whose homemade protein bars are not only creative, but also delicious, easy to make and most importantly, healthy!!  I love the incorporation of the chia seeds and protein powder.  My question to Naomi is, what protein powder do you recommend for this recipe? And do you have a link to the recipe on your blog for exact measurements? 

Off for a Green Goddess! 


N.D. said...

That restaurant and celebration sounds fantastic. I recently heard of Jen's engagement - so exciting!! What a great weekend!

I think the NYC 1/2 marathon is a lottery and kind of hard to get into. It was probably kind of warm for racing today, but perfect in the morning! I know there are more coming up, but mostly in central park - 2 loops, smelly poop.. hmm. You should do one!

I give up on the ideals when the occasion strikes and get back on track the next day!

Katie ♥ said...

Yay for Naomi winning!!!!!

Ahhhhh what a great weekend it sounds like you had and that eggs benedict looks amazing!!!!!

Have a great night love!!!!

*Naomi* said...

hey girl! thank you SO SO SO much again for the PB! i can't wait to try the flavors! I think the protein bars you are referring to are the raw/vegan ones? those are the only ones in my recipe section adn they are SO good!!! I used Sun Warrior Vanillaprotein powder, but I would encourage you to get creative! I would use any chocolate, vanilla, cake batter, cinnamon protein! I do have the link its in my recipe section
There ya go!!

I emailed you my info! :)

gaga said...

What a great hangover cure. It looks tasty.

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