An Everyday Gourmet Breakfast

I made the final pit stop this morning at A Matter of Life to pick up the remaining essentials for our cleanse.  I figured, while here I should pick up a healthy breakfast muffin of some sort. To my delight I discovered a new muffin made by Everyday Gourmet. These muffins are vegan, dairy free, made with spelt flour and have no hydrogenated oil. BINGO.  I chose my flavor, Cranberry Orange, and took off to pay.   
When you make a new health store find, you are taking a risk that it could taste gross, so I proceeded with caution and decided to taste the muffin in the cab ride over to the west side.  If it wasn't any good, I would have a bagel or find something else.  Well,  not only was this muffin edible, it was phenomenal and definitely better than any non-vegan cranberry orange muffin I have ever tasted! To cut to the chase of this story....I looked at the back ingredient label upon finishing the muffin as any health-conscious eater might do.  And what do you know, there was also some nutrition info....

Everyday Gourmet Cranberry Orange Muffin

Calories: 529
Fat: 33.6g
Sodium: 302mg
Carbs: 65g
Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 28g

I was horrified! This is like eating a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger! Granted the fats are non-hydrogenated, but still, this is way more fat than one person should be consuming for breakfast on a medium sized muffin.  The calories and sodium are up there too for a muffin  marketed as a "healthy."  Geeesh!  So...just because something is in a health food store, doesn't always mean it is good for your waistline.  I will still probably try out another flavor down the road....but definitely on a day that involves a bit more physical activity! 


Katie said...

That is shocking, yet not shocking at the same time. I usually don't buy muffins for that very reason. Funny though, I just made cranberry-orange cookies today! Love that flavor combo.

N.D. said...

oh man! The only time I don't look at the nut facts until after are when they aren't posted on the food itself (restaurants, etc). Otherwise I have to decide that way. Muffins are said to be terrible - yuck!! But that's ok, every now and then it's fine!

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