Restaurant Review: Angelica Kitchen

Last night Jimmy and I dined at Angelica Kitchen, a vegan restaurant that has resided on the lower east side for a solid 34 years.  It is warm and cozy (except for when the door opened, which was quite frequently) and it smelled heavenly.  The food at Angelica Kitchen is organic and does not contain any refined sugar or preservatives, plus the owners are committed to supporting locally owned family farms and food artisans.  It seems this is a spot that every "in the know" healthy (and environmentally conscious) NYC eater already knows about and if  not...they should!  

The menu even has a glossary, full of ambiguous terms the average diner has probably never heard about. So say you want to know what seitan is....  

Made from whole wheat flour, seitan is a concentrated wheat protein. Succulent and chewy,  it takes on the flavor of other ingredients with which it is cooked. 

 **Angelica's Kitchen makes their seitan fresh on the premises. 

Some other foods worth checking out in the glossary are amaranth, teff, sea palm, grain coffee, mirin and kanten.  Click here for the online menu. 

For starters, Jimmy and I shared the Walnut-Lentil Pate with brown rice crackers. 

Walnut-Lentil Pate

YUM.  I should probably say now that Jimmy is not vegan or vegetarian (nor am I) and he really enjoyed our meal!  He ordered the Vegetable Lasagna from the daily specials menu; it was made with whole wheat pasta and tofu cheese!  He was pretty pleased and I remember him saying that it was "good" and that the tofu "tastes like ricotta."

Vegetable Lasagna

I ordered the Ole Man Seitan, which was homemade seitan and roasted vegetable mix folded into a warm whole wheat tortilla; dressed with a spicy traditional mole sauce (peanuts & chocolate), and lime-jalapeno sour cream; garnished with pimento.  It was a tasty and good way to do a healthy Mexican meal!

Ole Man Seitan

And for dessert - the Pear Sundae! Vanilla ice-cream (non-dairy of course) w/ roasted pears and hazelnuts.  It was a perfectly delicious (and guiltless) way to end the meal. 

Pear Sundae

Jimmy plans to write a review of Angelica's Kitchen on his blog Goldeneats and title it Ignorance Is Bliss.  By this he means, if you are vegan this is going to be the best food you will ever eat.  We both agreed that if we were vegan this food would be to die for delicious.  We are not vegan, but we enjoyed our meal, the friendly service and we definitely plan to go back! 


N.D. said...

Bill and me went to a horrible restaurant last night that we had a gift certificate to (I wish people would know what we like to eat) - and all I kept saying was, there HAVE to be restaurants that serve what I want to eat (LIKE THIS!) THanks for posting - I can't wait to go next time we are in the city.

Katie ♥ said...

Wow this place looks amazing!! I am going to have to find a recipe for lasagna like that!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience!! Have a great Sunday!! xoxo

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