The Lemonade Taste Test

It's a lovely Monday night in Manhattan and I thought I would do some cooking and while at it test out the lemonade beverage I've committed to drinking for ten days straight.  If you happenend to read the Master Cleanse Me post from a few weeks ago, well, this is the drink that will be "master cleansing me."

I whipped out the ingredients and went to work, well aware of the time alloted to me before The Bachelor starts....

2 TBSP  Fresh Sqeezed Lemon Juice
2 TBSP  Grade B Maple Syrup
8 oz good, filtered water
1/10 TSP Cayenne Pepper

A spoon to mix!  Voila...And I have to admit that I actually enjoyed the taste.  Sweet and spicy! I can understand why Pure Food and Wine has a Master Cleanse Martini now! 

Lemonade and Maple Syrup

Kitchen after making just one glass of lemonade

I feel a little better now knowing that the Lemonade Drink actually tastes pleasant.  But I am having serious fears about this cleanse. The whole part about going 10 days without eating solid food has really got me. I learned that it is actually better not to tell people that I am planning to do the Master Cleanse.  They just look at me like I am crazy and the conversation ends with me doubting my abilities to endure the full ten days.  

Despite my doubts, I have managed to do the necessary prep work for the cleanse.  I have weened off my morning coffee, eliminated my post-lunch chocolate, and plan on eating vegetarian for this week.  I wish I could say the same for Jimmy though -- right now as I type,  he is out eating some of the best fried chicken the city has to offer at The Red Head.  I keep telling him that he is going to have it rough with this cleanse, but he thinks he'll last longer than me! 

Alright, I am off to enjoy my dinner while I can...


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