On the final day of 2009, I picked up a copy of The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn, vowing to myself that 2010 would be the year of my first full body cleanse. In the past I have only dabbled in thoughts of what it would be like to detox, but now with the new year-new decade upon us it is time to take the bull by the horns! I am almost done with the book, but it was only after a few pages that I swiftly postponed my start date.

A cleanse is not something that should be done on a whim and I learned that there is A LOT of physical and mental planning that goes into the process. Besides making sure that you buy top notch, organic ingredients, it is recommended that you wean yourself off caffeine, chocolate, medications, and meat a week before you start. In addition, you must mentally prepare for the “withdrawal-like” symptoms that you will probably endure during the ten days of cleansing. The more toxic your body is before you start, the more likely you will have a rough experience. And by rough, I mean there is a strong chance you might just quit. Some possible cleansing symptoms are headaches, hunger, nausea, acne, aches, body odor, bad breath, and cold sores. Sounds like fun, right?

 You are probably wondering why on earth anyone would ever want to subject themselves to such a painful process. Well, despite the outwardly awful side effects there is actually a lot of lure surrounding the benefits of the good ole Master Cleanse. The cleanse promises to “increase energy, balance your body’s pH, reduce swelling, alleviate allergies, flush the colon, improve skin and hair, rid the body of parasites" and of course help you lose weight. In the book there are tons of testimonials that go as far as people ridding their bodies of life-threatening diseases.

You might also be wondering if subsisting on a lemonade beverage for ten days is safe. According to the book and the endless testimonials in it, it is safe. The lemonade drink consists of fresh squeezed lemon juice, grade-B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and good water. The maple syrup will be supplying the bulk of vitamins and minerals, as well as the energy you need to make it through the day. The lemon juice and cayenne (which also contain vitamins) will be acting to purify and detoxify your body and organs. The two together stimulate a natural cleansing process, ridding the body of toxins and excess mucus. It’s gross, but it’s true.

It is recommended that you stay on the program no less than 10 days to ensure a proper cleaning of your body. If you were to end halfway through the process it would be incomplete and all benefits would likely be negated. Some people stay on the plan even longer. I read about some people remaining on the diet for more than 30 days! When the full 10 days are over, there is a 3-day re-introductory phase to food, which involves drinking orange juice and vegetable broth. Also sounds like fun, but I bet these foods taste absolutely heavenly after 10 days of the cayenne pepper lemonade.

In the time that I have been reading this book, I have managed to recruit a partner in crime. Jimmy will be joining me on the cleanse, which we plan to start on January 25th. He is training for the Boston Marathon, and he hopes that the cleanse will jump start his body into full on marathon mode. There is a lot of prep work that we need to do, for instance, we do not have a juicer! I was thinking a manual lemonade juicing utensil might do the trick, but I need to do more research. I also need to make sure the pH of my Brita-filtered water is appropriate, and stock up on organic lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and herbal laxatives. Yup, the diet calls for herbal laxatives. It will be one interesting experience! I promise to keep you posted on our progress starting January 25th!


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