BPA-Free Bottled Water

I made my daily trip to Health 4-U today on Park Avenue between 30th and 31st street and picked up a bottle of Penta water. This bottled H2O appears to be some of the healthiest water you can buy out of a bottle nowadays. Apparently, Penta undergoes an 11-hour patented purification process that not only removes all traces of Bisphenol A, but also trace pharmaceuticals. This water is marked as chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, chromium 6 and MTBE free. What I wonder, does this mean that all other bottled water actually comes with these unwelcomed particles!?  Either way, I am not a fan of plastic bottles since they are extremely unsustainable and cruel to our lovely lady Earth.  It is unfortunate that Penta water is so hard to come by...Check out these claims posted on the back of the Penta water bottle:
  • Penta has proven anti-anging benefits
  • Provides superior hydration over sports drinks
  • Penta's patented process energizes the water
  • Penta's crisp, clean taste gives a sense of well-being
Sounds pretty good for bottled water, eh? 


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