MSG: Our Daily Poison

Happy Friday all!!  I have some upsetting news that put a slight damper on my gleeful Friday afternoon.  Apparently, it is a lot harder than I thought to avoid the problematic food flavoring MSG.  As most of you hopefully know by now, MSG stands for monosodium glutamate, and it is a natural ingredient extracted from a Japanese seaweed known as Kombu.  MSG is used as a flavor enhancer in Chinese food and at McDonald's -- or at least that is what I thought until today.  Boy was I WRONG!!  MSG is in many foods and its presence is hidden behind descriptive phrases and lengthy unpronounceable words.  How cruel is that?
MSG is believed to promote adverse physical, emotional and psychological side effects within our bodies.  There is a running list of ailments associated with MSG intake ranging from asthma and migraines to bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder.

Here is a list of MSG laden ingredients to look out for... (,
  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
  • Plant Protein Extract
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Yeast Extract
  • Textured Protein
  • Autolyzed Yeast
  • Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Yeast Food
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Monopotassium Glutamate
  • Glutamate
  • Gelatin
** Note, watch out for hydrolyzed protein of any kind!

The scarier part is that phrases such as "natural flavoring" are often an indicator of MSG presence. So weekend homework y'all...chuck any poison (MSG) that might possibly be sitting in your kitchen cabinets. This is what I will be doing for sure!  Oh, and definitely check out the Naturodoc website for more information on MSG and how to avoid it!!


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