Liver In My Mouth: A Nutritional Discovery

The powers of persuasion failed me last Friday evening when I lost a dining debate to my boyfriend, Jimmy. He overruled my vegan request and instead we dined at his restaurant of choice, Falai, an off-beat Italian eatery in the East Village. I do admit he had an easy win once I saw Falai’s menu. The menu managed to tempt me despite a few revolting dishes featuring beef tongue and chicken liver. It was the night before Halloween, so why not indulge in some good eats?
The restaurant was small and beautiful with good music, friendly waiters and an open kitchen. We were both happy to be there and we were enjoying our wine when suddenly the chicken liver dish landed on our table!  I don't know how or why it happened (wait, yes, I do -- my boyfriend is a foodie) but within minutes there was a piece of liver in my mouth. I didn’t want to eat it, really I didn’t, but it smelled so good, and it looked so good. So...I did and it was AMAZING.
I only had two bites of Jimmy's chicken liver, but just two bites were enough to send me into a chicken liver tailspin. How could something so gross taste so good? And if it tastes good, could it possibly be good for you? Being the conscious eater that I am, especially when it comes to animals and their organs I couldn't wait to hit the internet and do some research. It did not take long for me to learn that liver is a miraculously healthy food.

Early in my online search I stumbled upon words and phrases like "sacred," "magical," "highly nutritious," and "power food." I was dumbfounded. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation for Wise Traditions liver "contains more nutrients gram for gram than any other food." Liver includes all of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, every single one of the B vitamins and a ton of minerals, not to mention it is jam-packed with protein. As I continued to read on the Weston A. Price website I learned that some people (I would guess very few people) eat raw liver. And not just any raw liver, but liver that has been diced if you will, frozen, and then either swallowed like a pill or sprinkled on food as a supplement. Whoa. And this practice is all in the name of health! There is even a holistic doctor in Manhattan who recommends raw liver to all of his cancer patients.
So there you have it. Chicken liver. A power food. Don't jump out of your seat just yet because chicken liver (or any animal liver) comes with a small list of disclaimers. One, if you have high cholesterol stay away because liver has a ton of it. Two, if you enjoy chicken liver don't eat it everyday. It is important to limit your liver intake, not only because of all the cholesterol, but because it loaded with vitamin A. When too much vitamin A is consumed it becomes toxic.  And lastly, if you enjoy liver, try to buy free range and grass fed for top quality. And please, please know how to prepare it. Quick prep and bland seasoning is likely to result in a taste just as disgusting as is the idea of eating liver.
I feel lucky that my first experience with chicken liver was a pleasant one. Since I plan on keeping it that way liver will remain a rare indulgence. Down the road if I ever cross paths with a delectable and irresistible dish of chicken liver, I will happily oblige and I encourage others to as well, since we now know that liver is a nutrition worthy food and a potential culinary delight!

For more information and pictures of our dinner, check out Jimmy's blog, Golden Eats.


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