FAT! SO? -- Questions, Concerns, Comments Anyone??

Happy Monday everyone! I read an article in the Sunday Times yesterday that struck a chord of concern within me. The short article was about a new book out on the shelves by Marilyn Wann called "Fat! So? "  The headline under the title states "because you don't have to apologize for your size."  True, you do not have to apologize for you size...big or small. 
I have not read this book but I certainly think we need more books out there that inspire body confidence.  Health and happiness go hand-in-hand after all.  But what about physical health? We cannot forget that obesity is the leading cause of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Why, just this morning I saw on CNN  an article about obesity and its link to 100,000 cases of cancer annually!  When weight becomes a matter of disease and death body size should not be taken lightly.  Marilyn Wann has received a lot of praise for her humorous approach on discussing body acceptance and the dangers of dieting. If you are a woman out there who manages to be pleasantly voluptuous and exuberantly healthy at the same time...more power to you!!  You are lucky.  
Obesity and health are subjects that should not be dismissed and the title of the book Fat! So? does just that. Wouldn't it be just as acceptable to write a book and title it Anorexic! So?   Since I have not read the book I will stop typing now.  I am liable to say something very stupid about a potentially wonderful and inspiring tale on how to be healthy and happy regardless of size -- something that I fully support.   I think the book's cover design is awesome by the way!
Check out the website: www.fatso.com


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