The Things We Do For Love

Here is a tiny excerpt from a conversation I had with my bf, Jimmy, over Gchat today. It is in regards to our dinner reservations on November 20th at Maialino, a new italian restaurant in the Manhattan.  Note, I have chosen to omit our nicknames for each other for both your sake and my own!

Jimmy:  ____, question for you
Me:  Yes, ____
Jimmy:  Maialino is Italian for little (or baby) pig.
And the specialty at Maialino is "Maialino for two."
Can we get that?
Me:  Hahahaha
____, you are too cute.
[It is] a little pig?
A baby pig.
Do you think it's a piglet?
Jimmy:  I'd rather not speculate.
Me:  Does it sound delicious ____?
Jimmy: I'm sure that if they have the balls to serve something that's named for the place, it's gotta be good.
Me:  That's true.
____,  I will probably say yes to you ____ (which means I will say yes).
Jimmy:  Oh,  ____!
You're so wonderful to me.

The things we do for love!  Jimmy does have a food blog after all (Golden Eats) dedicated to eating New York whole.   I will let you know how this meal turns out.  However, I doubt I will make any nutritional discoveries a la the chicken liver at Falai.


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