Can You Resist the Holiday Binge?

 Today's Holiday Breakfast at the Office
(I resisted, stuck to my Nature's Path Optimum organic cereal)

Happy Friday Blogsters.  I am enjoying my salad-of-a-lunch on this cold and blistery afternoon. You would think I would go for some soup, but after a week-long flirtation with the holiday goodies my body is craving some serious greens.  I write this and wonder how are all of you faring this season? Are you being good or are you being bad?

Some ravaged See's Chocolates up above (yes, I did have some).

December is the danger month and if you can make it through this time of year you can make it anytime of the year! Unfortunately, it is normal to gain some extra poundage around the holidays.   If you can keep it under 5 lbs (or no lbs), it will be a lot easier to shake off come January. 

Some Candied Pecans sitting around in our office

So here are five quick (no brainer) tips to help you avoid the holiday binge (because sometimes it's hard for me to end a post without a tip or two)!

1) Make sure you eat a balanced breakfast (as well as other meals) to avoid excess hunger throughout the day.

2) Give into your sweet tooth. One or two goodies will not kill you.  If you do not satisfy intense cravings, they can easily escalate and cause big time repercussions later i.e. when your boss brings in her annual batch of mint chocolate brownies.

3) Hit the gym a little more frequently than you normally would.  I know! You are soo busy this time of year.  I am just saying...this will give you a little leeway.

4) Drink lots of water.

5) Hold your liquor.  Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram.  If you go overboard it is going to be stored as fat.

Share your binge-control secrets here! Also, what's the one holiday goodie that gets you? For me it is my mom's black and white cookies that come filled with raspberry jam!

Someone just dropped this off at my desk!!

A halved avocado!
Who do these people think I am?


goldeneats said...

the mention of your mom's black and whites already has me longing for them, mmmmmm.

my doctor likes to say that every (mixed) drink you have is like eating a snickers bar, so I try to think of that this time of year when considering the amount of crap I've already eaten even before I have a drink!

N.D. said...

balanced bfast is a great idea - I am getting so bored of breakfast and want to start with lunch, after overdoing it too many months in a row with oatmeal or bulgar! I heart sees candies - see the ones with the little sprinkles on top - my favorite!! I am not faring well!

Katie ♥ said...

I am loving your blog!!!!! Glad I found it!! Great tips too for holiday binge!!!! I am trying to be good, the only days I will really eat a little bad are prob just xmas day and new years eve, so far this month I have not indulged at any xmas parties!!! Woohoo!!! Have Happy Holidays!!!!

edegra said...

Truly amazing blog. It is very hard to resist the chocolate cravings....nice blog.

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