Lulu's Bounce Control Bra: It's Real and It's Spectacular

I love Lululemon.  I could spend my entire monthly paycheck just on their moisture wicking workout pants, colorful headbands, and figure flattering fitness tops.  However, this is not a tale about Lulu's pants, tops or headbands or how much money I spend in the store.  This little spiel it is about Lulu's miraculous sports bras.  In my opinion, these sports bras are the best in the business and they are what keep me going back for more.  

The quality of the Lululemon bras is unmatched when you consider all they have to offer women today, whether she is an athlete or a lounger, whether she is young or old.   The design, variety, breathability and support are spectacular!  Oooooh the support!  Never before in a bra have I experienced such a happy medium between comfort and restrain. 

Lululemon sports bras are designed for your desired activity level.  If you are a yogi, there is a bra for you. If you are a runner and a bouncer... well, there is a bra for you as too.  I fall into the latter category.  I run and I bounce - and by bounce I mean any kind of physical activity that requires some up and down movement i.e. aerobics, jump rope or say, the elliptical machine, which can be very bouncy!  

If you are a runner/bouncer (or a woman looking for a flattering bustline at the gym) I highly suggest the padded sports bras. Now, I don't know if these have a particular name, but I do know that they are the bras that come with the molded, nude-toned, moisture absorbing, removable pads. 

These pads are amazing. I love them and I believe that this is what makes the sports bras so comfortable, not to mention flattering.  My only caution would be to resituate the pads after they have been through the washing machine.   Washing the bra causes the pads to shift and bend, which if not corrected, the bra when worn can give the illusion of a lumpy chestal region.  It is not pretty and it can be quite embarrassing, especially if multiple men staring at your chest is something that makes you uncomfortable.   Trust me...I have been there, done that.  

I feel now that I am done venting about Lululemon's wonderful sports bras. If you have not experienced the joy that comes with owning a Lulu bra then I highly suggest you indulge in one.  They are not cheap that's for sure, but the days that I pull one out of my drawer always (for some reason) brings a little smile to my face!  


N.D. said...

These sound great- I haven't shopped there yet!

Rebecca said...

I too am obsessed with lululemon, but I am alwasy cautious to try sports bras, because I need A LOT of support. You should check out Shock Absorbers. I just ordered a couple of these and my bounce factor has seriously reduced. It's a UK company so you have to order them online. Google it and check it out. P.S I am also going to IIN, how is it going for you?

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