Health Store Heaven & Some Favorite Finds

Yummmm...a dinner in the life of a bachelorette girl. I am enjoying a Trader Joe's Vegetable Burrito dinner here.  I don't know what I would do without healthy pre-made meals.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, but as I recently mentioned in my Oatmeal post, convenience and budget often come into play.  Anywho, speaking of health food, let me segway into my love of health food stores. Do you mind listening to yet another spiel? (As I wipe some bean curd off of my keyboard.)

I could spend hours wandering the aisles of a health food store.  When I spot a new store, my eyes light up like a child stumbling upon a carnival and I long to be inside walking amongst other health foodies and foodettes.  It is almost like I am on a quest to discover that ultimately healthy food that still tastes amazing.  One day I wish I could say that I have visited every health food store in NYC, much like that crazy man who has made it his life goal to visit every Starbucks in the world (true story).  Alas, I have not even been to Westerly Market, the king of NYC health food stores.  I have only experienced it vicariously through my sister's stories.  I will get there though... one day.   Laura's Wholesome Junk Food (an amazing treat my sister, Jenny, discovered in Westerly's aisles), has not turned up in any of the health stores I have encountered. Sadness!

Let me diverge...

Here are some of my favorite health store finds!

1) GNU Bars - fiber packed deliciousness! 
2) Spirulina Balls 
3) MarryMe Tofutti Vanilla Ice Cream Bars (truth be told you can buy these in Stop & Shop)
4) Babbo's Garlic Hummus -- couldn't find a link, but I buy it in Grand Central Market
5) Liz Lovely Vegan Cookies
6) Laura's Wholesome Junk Food
7) Vegan Turkey Salad -- and I am not vegan
8) Kollar Cookies
9) Smart Treats
10) Good Earth Green Tea
11) Gnosis Raw Chocolate
12) Boston Cookies
13) Jala Bars        

This is a running list by the way... What are your favorite health store finds!?

My lunch today, fyi, was the yummy vegan turkey salad :)



N.D. said...

wow I only know a few of these, #1 and 10... I love health food stores too. I could spend hours checking everything out! :)

Corinne @ Green Grapes Blog said...

The ultimate health food find for me is pure natural almond butter! Good at any time of day! I am not vegan either--but that salad does look good! Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

It is so great to hear about people who react the same way to new stores as me; I feel much less weird. One of the first things I do in new cities is check out the natural foods stores. Maybe this is because I live in a small city, and don't take things like the availability of almond butter lightly?

And I just looked at the Jala bar website and now I must find them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
Great Blog. A little elf reported to me that you were unable to find Laura's Wholesome Junk Food in NYC Health Food stores...
This is Dr. Laura and I would love to help. We are in Whole Foods Bakery and have been in Gourmet Garages. Please email us at and let us know the stores you like in NYC and we will see if we can get them in there. It also helps us if you ask the Health Food store and give them our name and email.
Let me know how else we can help. I also have a cook book coming out that is called The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook and is already available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for pre-order.
In joy and good health,
Dr. Laura

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