HELLO CHESTNUTS & Homemade Chicken Broth

Every winter it seems my family finds a new soup recipe to enjoy for the season.  And this past week my sister found an amazing one in Chesnut Soup, right out of the Fine Cooking magazine.  OH MY GOD, was this delicious and worth the hours or soaking, scoring, roasting, peeling and crushing the chestnuts!  It was like we were living in the olden days (which is actually the way it should be when it comes to food)!  We all believe that the soup was so delicious because my mom made a homemade chicken broth for the soup base, a recipe straight from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  We in the Huwer household are not strangers to homemade broth, but Ina Garten's recipe tops them all.  We took her recipe, "organified" it, and it was the most amazing, richest broth that we all have ever tasted. 

In my family, we always try to use homemade organic chicken broth to avoid the MSG, preservatives and the salt that you get with canned broth.  It is hard to find a brand that actually makes MSG-free broth besides Swanson, but we still love to make our own because the homemade flavor is BA-zillion times better.

Check out the recipe for chicken broth that we made here.  Note, the recipe calls for 3, 5-pound chickens.  We used one 5-pound chicken and left all of the other ingredients as is. 

*Super important for all and everyone out there -- Let the stock chill and sit overnight, so that you can remove the excess fat that accumulates on top.  You do NOT want to eat all of that blubber!!

I suggest you also check out the recipe for Chestnut Soup. YUM!  It is such a hearty and sophisticated soup for a cold winter day.  Actually it will be perfect for the Nor'easter that is heading our way for New Year's!!

Chestnut Soup

And thanks to Chestnuts On Line I discovered that chestnuts have a high water content which makes them unlike any other nut.  They are considered very "unnutty" because they are low in calories and fat.  Chestnuts On Line  dubs them the nut for the "nutrition-conscious person."  They are also low in cholesterol, high in Vitamin C and the mineral Magenese.  Can I say YES?! 



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