A Healthier Salt

If you are a salt user I beg you to switch to a Sea Salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt . Why you may ask?  Well, we all know that too much salt is not a good thing.  True, our bodies need salt to maintain a functional sodium potassium pump, but really our bodies need less than half a teaspoon of salt a day!  Most people consume WAY more than that just by eating pre-packaged foods or sprinkling lunch and dinner with a little flavor flavor.  
Himalayan crystal salt and sea salt are healthier versions of table or kosher salt because they contain natural minerals from the sea.  They also are lacking the chemicals and additives like potassium iodide found in typical table salt.  These natural sea salts also have a better flavor and are "prized by good chefs" (Jared Koch, Clean Plates).  
So if you use salt, it is wise to use it in moderation and equally as wise to use a natural salt that holds nutritional benefits.  You can find sea salt/himalayan crystal salt at your local health food store or specialty grocery store.  I actually found my French sea salt at Home Goods!! I love the container it came in too...Oh, and I believe it was $3.99 :)  

The bad stuff. 


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