Holiday Dinner: Return Trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns 12/12/09

Dan Barber signed our menu and circled
the ingredients that made up our meal :)

Okay folks, Jimmy and I had our third dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns this past Saturday and it was even more amazing than our last visit in September.  If you caught my briefing on Blue Hill last week, I explained that this restaurant aims to serve farm-to-plate local, seasonal and organic food.  However, I did not mention that the chef, Dan Barber, was named the best chef in the country for 2009 by the James Beard Foundation.  We caught a peek of him in the back of the restaurant with his chef outfit on, which made us excited!  Even more exciting, upon finishing our meal, our waiter brought us into the kitchen for a tour! Dan Barber signed our menu and circled the foods that we ate throughout the evening.

The menu at Stone Barns is unlike any menu I have ever encountered. Instead of listing dishes by name, there is a long and varied assortment of fresh ingredients printed on a page. After perusing it the waiter asks if there is anything on the list that you prefer not eat.  He also makes sure to ask if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Jimmy and I do not, and we decided to pass only on the venison and organ meats. Everything else on the menu we fervently agreed to taste.  After the waiter walks away the food that follows is a complete surprise!  I was there with a pen and notebook (as well as camera) to document it all :) 

Jimmy and I did not shy away from choosing the 8 course Farmer's Feast meal.  It lasted a little over three hours and, yes, we were stuffed.  But stuffed in the best possible way!  

What we ate.....

Veggies from the Field
Salsify w/ Pancetta & Buckwheat
Smoked Kale, Adirondack Sage & Beet Chips
Beet Burger
Coppa on Adirondack Blue Potato Frittata
Tuscan Salami & Bologa (from Berkshire pigs on the farm)
Hudson Valley Veal Marrow w/ American Caviar

Main Course
Grilled Wahoo w/ Parsnips & Brussel Sprouts (from the field)
Roasted Carrot (from the field) w/ Spiced Bread Crumbs & Carrot Puree
Braised Hake w/ Crispy Squid & Pig's Ear
This Morning's Farm Egg w/ Dehydrated Vegetables & Lettuce Broth
Squab w/ Rutabaga, Cranberries & Leafy Greens
Berkshire Pork w/ Stuffed Squash (and something) & Spinach (from the field)

Peanut Butter Yogurt Parfait
Chocolate & Graham Souffle w/ Prunes (and something else)

After Dinner Bites
Vinegar Chocolate
Pumpkin Seed Brittle


Fresh Vegetables from the Field

Braised Hake w/ Crispy Squid & Pig's Ear

Peanut Butter Yogurt Parfait

I apologize for such dimly lit photos.  We did not want to be that crazy couple with the camera flashing every 10 seconds.  I would have attached more but it is hard to see them with the lighting. Jimmy will be writing a review of our meal today at his blog Golden Eats. He is much more elaborate and his review is sure to have just a wee bit more detail, plus there will be more pics :)  
I highly recommend that anyone within driving distance of Blue Hill at Stone Barns make a trip out to Pocantico Hills and enjoy the gardens, the animals and the food!! It is a once-in-a-life-time, food-altering experience.


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